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1180 2007-11-22 09:07:41 Roger Hayward Hybrid Cascode PCB & Kitlet offering
Happy Thanksgiving to the group.

I'm announcing today the availability of a kitlet for the Hybrid
Cascode IF amplifier, as seen in the December 2007 issue of QST. The
article was written by Wes W7ZOI and Jeff WA7MLH. (If you aren't
familiar with Jeff's work, you really should check out his website
sometime: www.neoanderthal.com and then click on the ham link). But
I digress.

PC boards (bare) will be available, as well as the PCB with a bag of
parts. This should get you going at 9 MHz. There's still one toroid
to wind (the transformer T1).

The kitlet concept is something I picked up from W7ZOI and N8ET (Bill,
of KangaUS). You get the parts to build it, but no box, and very
little instructions. (Presently, there are no instructions!) The
concept is much like a co-op organization, where we're all going in on
a quantity purchase of the parts, and then get to purchase the package
at a small discount.

The present offering is for a leaded-component version PCB and parts.
We are still contemplating on offering a surface-mount PC board.

More detailed information, including shipping status will be updated
regularly at www.ka7exm.net .

Thanks, 73 & Happy Thanksgiving.

Roger KA7EXM