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11516 2015-08-21 16:52:35 n1vc Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
I bought an unused W7ZOI SA kit from another ham however there is one problem..The boards do not have any silk screen markings to show parts placement. I did check on the Kanga site and they do have a list of schematics and board layout drawings but they do not match the revision I have. The revision I have appears to match the original Aug 1998 QST article. Does anybody have any documentation that would help me here? I have tried matching the schematic to traces  on the boards and it is proving to be very tedious.

Vince N1VC

11517 2015-08-21 18:46:56 John Lawson Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Hi Vince, those are the boards that I used also and they did not have the silk screen markings either.....AND like you, no paper layouts to follow......yes it was time consuming, but I followed the traces vs. the schematics and made my own PC board layouts on paper....I then checked the layouts out two additional times once they were completed to insure accuracy and had no trouble with the assembly and they functioning correctly the first time.....no, I don't have the layouts anymore or I would have shared them with you......the reason for my email is to encourage you not to let that get in your way with building the SA....even if becomes a time consuming exercise to make your own layouts......if all else fails build it ugly as I did my second SA for experimental circuits....best of luck, 73, John K5IRK

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11518 2015-08-21 19:15:56 Dennis Czelusniak Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...

>>> http://w7zoi.net/sa-stuff.html <<< Original articles, look at Early Spectrum Analyzer Update board illustration.

Is that what you needed?

Dennis WD8DCJ

11519 2015-08-22 09:34:03 n1vc Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
No I don't believe it is.
11520 2015-08-22 09:35:26 n1vc Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Yes I started tracing the VCO board and have gotten some aid. N8QOH's website:
http://homepages.wmich.edu/~cotton/SA1.html shows photo's of his completed assemblies and they are the same revision as my boards. So although I can't read the resistor color bands at least it shows parts placement pretty well. Also, I managed to contact John and he mentioned he has layout information on paper and would send them to me next week. On the other hand I am already half way through the VCO board.


11524 2015-08-22 20:23:16 Adrian Scripcă Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Hi Vince,

I also purchased an unused SA kit from another fellow ham but it luckily also had the printed schematics along with component placement view. If you are still in need I can copy them and send them over.

73 de Adrian, YO6SSW

11525 2015-08-23 00:20:12 n1vc Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Hi Adrian, yes please go ahead and send what you have to n1vc@arrl.net or n1vc at yahoo dot com
11526 2015-08-23 09:32:44 jmlcs2000 Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Hi Adrian....If possible could you email me those layouts, too. I would like to have them
11527 2015-08-23 09:36:32 john lawson Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Opps, Adrian the correct email address is: jmlcs2000@yahoo.com. Sorry, John K5IRK

11528 2015-08-23 22:33:21 Adrian Scripcă Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Ok guys, will scan the material this evening when I come back from work and send it over. You'll have to excuse the yellow highlight marks on the placement which show the status of my build :)


11529 2015-08-24 21:03:39 Adrian Scripcă Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Hello guys,

I have finally managed to make some time to scan all files. I scanned at 1200 DPI for extra quality so the end result is pretty big.

You can either get them as a ZIP archive containing all the original scans from http://demoscene.ro/spectrum_analyzer_schematics.zip *OR* as a PDF file containing each scan as a separate page from http://demoscene.ro/spectrum_analyzer.pdf

Luckily, the yellow highlighter that I used to mark the progress on the schematics did not make it in the scan so that's a good thing to know for the future, hi. Be warned that the file size of either artifact is somewhere close to 145MB.

73 de Adrian, YO6SSW

11532 2015-08-25 07:41:23 n1vc Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Thank you very much for your efforts!!! This will really speed assembly up for me. I downloaded the .pdf and yes it is huge. When I first tried to print it I managed to crash Firefox and cause an error in the printer queue, but after rebooting and simply opening and printing the pdf, I now have a perfect hard copy.

11533 2015-08-25 08:44:11 Dino Papas Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
The .jpeg versions make it easy to resize the board layouts to a larger version for actual printout.  Add my thanks to Adrian for all the hard work, now all I have to do it move the SA up in the project queue (aw heck, it’s only been sitting there since 2007 I think)!

73 - Dino KL0S

11553 2015-08-27 11:35:43 w7zoi Re: Kanga Spectrum Analyzer kit found but...
Hi all,

The spectrum analyzer kit that Vic found seems to have sparked some interest in the old project.   But much of the early documentation is lost.   Many thanks to Adrian Scripca, YO6SWW, for making copies of much of this material that was distributed with the original kits from KangaUS.   I took the "roadmaps" for the boards and processed the files to a GIF format of smaller size and have them posted on my web site.   These figures show the parts placement on the boards.   Just go to w7zoi.net and then click on the line for QST papers and then go into the spectrum analyzer section.   The files can then be accessed and copied.     

I didn't post the schematics, for they are still available in better forms.  I also did not post the bills of material.   They are useful if the analyzer was being manufactured, or even if it is being built as a traditional kit.    But this SA was never offered as a traditional kit.  Rather, it was only a home-brew project where the components and boards were in one place.

Hopefully this will help those folks who still want to build something from the pile of parts on the shelf.

73, Wes