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11486 2015-08-10 18:22:34 Henry FS: Variable Capacitors
I have the following variable capacitors for sale. The are labeled 1 through
10 and have the following values as measured by my AADE meter and are priced
as follows plus postage. If interested please send me your mailing address
so I can calculate the postage.

1) 18-250pf $10
2) 10-110pf dual gang $10
3) 15-200pf dual differential gang $10
4) 29-147pf $8
5) 29-147pf $8
6) 29-147pf $8
7) 15-80pf $8
8) 18-53pf $6
9) 10-110pf $6
10) 5-35 and 5-40pf dual gang $8

They can be seen at:


Click on the image to enlarge.

Henry WA0GOZ
11489 2015-08-10 21:16:38 Mark Mansfield Re: FS: Variable Capacitors


I'm interested in 4,5,6 of the variable  caps if still available and will take them.
Do you ship USPS Flat Rate PRIORITY MAIL and pack carefully in bubble wrap or in separate boxes inside of a larger box?

My zip is 80015, Aurora, CO.

Thank you very much!