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11387 2015-08-01 20:00:35 Ravi Miranda Help - off topic [Original 2SC3133]

I'm looking for original 2SC3133, been scammed on ebay. MOUSER, DIGIKEY don't have any in stock.

Any ideas on where I could get some original 2SC3133s, I'm trying to help repair old ICOM rigs.

I'm in the US for another few days.

Kind regards


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11388 2015-08-01 20:14:24 kb1gmx Re: Help - off topic [Original 2SC3133]
When I want a known part for a repair  I go to RFParts.

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11389 2015-08-02 07:09:42 rast tro Re: Help - off topic [Original 2SC3133]
Possible substitute:
6th item down...


There is also some youtube video's with someone discussing fake transistors and mentions "eleflow" as a reliable source