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11300 2015-07-04 16:12:01 Ashhar Farhan sweeperino
i have managed to put some basic  documentation and software of a very easily build and flexible signal generator/power meter/sweeper based on Arduino, Si570 and the W7ZOI power meter together.
The page is at http://hfsignals.blogspot.in/p/sweeperino.html. give it a dekho. i found this highly useful for my homebrewing.

- f
11301 2015-07-04 19:13:07 Ken Chase Re: sweeperino

Hi Ashhar
Definetly a new project for me to try. I believe I alredy have everything, including the W7ZOI power meter.
73 Ken VA3ABN
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11302 2015-07-04 21:22:09 Ashhar Farhan Re: sweeperino
In the past I decided not to put a number of small and big projects online due to paucity of time to fully document them.
I am now experimenting with giving just an hour to quickly write about it and use the pictures of the schematics and from the notebook to save the time to draft the circuit diagram. There are bound to be some typos and mistakes with such rush jobs. The blog allows me to quickly update these writups when anything is found amiss. But these are robust projects. Several have been built. 

From my homepage on the blog, you can also see the balanced tuner that I recently finished. It is here http://hfsignals.blogspot.in/2015/06/a-balanced-tuner.html . Being a long time open line feeder user, I finally sat down and built this tuner to replace my Z-match. It works quite well on all my bands of interest with a 51 feet doublet. Your mileage may vary depending upon the antenna.

Coming up, I am cataloging some datasheets and reference articles on the net that I commonly refer to while building. I suppose these are the devices that we use most of the times.

11305 2015-07-05 10:02:21 Arthur Smith Re: sweeperino
That looks like a very useful tool - thanks Ash, very much appreciated

73s Nick G8INE

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11308 2015-07-06 09:06:18 Ken Chase Re: sweeperino

I've beem looking at your tuner as well. I am antenna restricted, so been looking at different options.
Thank you for posting your documentation, it's much appreciated.
Turns out I  used my SI570, so I ordered one and a breakout board..
73 Ken VA3ABN
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