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11288 2015-07-03 13:03:44 Ashhar Farhan doug's book on learning transistors
i am having a senior moment here. can anyone help recollect a book that was a collection of a series of articles printed in qst on learning to use semiconductors? it had amps, vfos, mixers built on copper board islands.

i am not entirely certain it was written by doug. but i cant imagine anyone else having written them.

- f

11289 2015-07-03 13:55:06 Fernando Krouwel Re: doug's book on learning transistors
Do you mean "Solid State Basics for the Radio Amateur" (a QST Anthology), edited by Doug DeMaw (W1FB) and Jay Rusgrove (W1VD?

Fernando - PY2FZU

11290 2015-07-03 14:57:34 zx97lite Re: doug's book on learning transistors
Hi Farhan,

"Learning To Work with Semiconductors" By Lew McCoy & Doug DeMaw was a 6 Part Series in the April thru September 1974 issues of QST.

11294 2015-07-03 21:33:15 Ashhar Farhan Re: doug's book on learning transistors
thanks everybody, the anthology was called "Solid State Basics for Radio Amateurs", now to forage the internet for a decent copy.

- f