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11083 2015-05-15 07:02:23 jliving2001 Antenna Tuners and Baluns
I'm Confused!

The latest issue of QST for June of 2015 has an article entitled 'Don't Blow up Your Balun'. The article contains an interesting discusson of antenna tuners, common and differential mode currents, and multiband antenas fed with ladder line, window line, and coax. There is a diagram of an unbalanced 'T' network fed with a current balun at the input where it 'works into the impedance (50 ohms) for which it was designed...".

Does placing a current balun on the input of an unbalanced tuning network like the T network project shown in the ARRL handbook for the past 15 years really make a difference? I thought current baluns placed at the input of antenna tuners only helped if the tuner was a balanced design.


Joe W3GW

11084 2015-05-15 07:05:45 Jim Miller Re: Antenna Tuners and Baluns