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1098 2007-10-16 21:49:16 Mike Czuhajewski Q, Q meters and old HP info
K3ASW (formerly WA4KAC) alerted me to the Q measurement article that
was recently added to the W7ZOI web page. Look under "Electronics
and circuit design files," and the article is "Experiments with Coils
and Q-Measurement," dated 5 October 07. In it, Wes refers to an
article in the HP Journal of September 1970. You can find the issue
online at


That's an index of the issues that are available online. Click on
1970, then scroll down to Sept-1970. Clicking on the month/year gets
the file for the issue; the article covers pages 10 through 16. BTW,
it appears that they have everything from 1949 to 1998 available

Another source of Q information is the old Boonton Radio Notebook
series, which was a quarterly published from 1954 through 1965, 37
issues in all. When I got my first Q meter in 1990, a Boonton 260A,
someone mailed me several issues of the series so I could copy
pertinent articles. I used to copy the copies every now and then and
mail them to others, but now the entire series is available online. Go


You can download individual issues or a single file containing all of
them, as well as an index of articles. You can also find some manuals
for the Boonton 160A and 260A there, including the rather rare Test
and Alignment manual that covers both. (Back in 1991 QST published my
request for info in a Strays item. Ten people either offered me a
photocopy of the 260A operating manual or sent one without asking, but
only one had the test and alignment manual.)

Finally, if you want the manual for the HP 4342A you can find it at
the Boat Anchor Manual Archive (BAMA) at


I usually use their mirror site, since the main site is sometimes hard
to get into--


The 4342A manual is a .djvu file, requiring the free DJVU viewer which
can be downloaded through either site.