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10808 2015-03-12 12:44:00 dave081360 Great CWTD episode last night on the SNA ... Podcast posted!
George N2APB
Mar 11 9:14 PM

Hi all,


“Thank You!” to the wonderful crowd in attendance at last night’s Episode #71 of CWTD.  I know that Joe, Dave and I each had a great time presenting the materials on Scalar Network Analyzers, and it was really enjoyable being back online with everyone!


The updated CWTD whiteboard is at http://www.cwtd.org/SNA/2015-03-10.html ... (Be sure to “refresh” your browser to ensure that you’re seeing the latest material!)


The podcast is at http://www.cwtd.org/CWTD(2015-03-10).mp3


See you all for the next episode scheduled for April 14, where we’ll be kicking off the “Elmer 101 Series”, with a focus on the SW40+ Kit, being made available again for those to follow along with in the CWTD Elmer 101 episodes.


73, George N2APB & Joe N2CX