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CWTD episode #71 is on Tuesday at 8pm ET ... "Scalar Network Analyze

Sun Mar 8, 2015 7:27 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"George N2APB" n2apb

Chat With The Designers is back! By popular demand, and after a brief
respite for health reasons, we're back on the air with the first episode of
the year. It'll be a "second Tuesday of each month" schedule while we ease
back into things, so put CWTD on your calendars as a sure bet each month.

We have an exciting year planned. We'll be keeping the same interactive
format that had evolved throughout our 70 previous shows ... "Questions", a
"Main" topic or two, and a short "What's New" segment.

For our opening act this year, we have a guest designer joining us this
Tuesday at 8pm ET ... Dave Collins, AD7JT, will walk us through the topic
of measuring a circuit's behavior to an RF stimulus, and his exciting new
homebrew design of a super-useful instrument for doing this called the
Scalar Network Analyzer. The SNA is a handheld instrument with a color
graphic display (with a touch screen!) that enables the user to measure
performance of things like LPFs, crystals, and receivers, while also serving
as a precision RF signal source and an accurate RF power meter!

Then, a topic that we're really excited about will start in the April
episode, and will continue onward with us for a number of months ... "Elmer
101 and the SW40+ Transceiver". Yes, we're resurrecting this popular
instructional course that feature a step-by-step build-up of the Small
Wonder Labs' SW40+ transceiver kit. And with permission from Dave Benson,
we're making the SW40+ kit available again for use in the Elmer 101 series!
Details for obtaining this very cool kit are coming soon.

We've also fielded requests for reruns of some popular past topics, such as
Grounding, Power Measurement, and the "Analyze This!" series. If you have
some other fav's that you'd like us to revisit, or perhaps a new device,
radio accessory or design package that you think others would also like to
learn more about, please let us know ... Our door is always open!

So make sure you're set up with Teamspeak, the easy and ubiquitous live
audio conferencing client that we used for three years now, and get ready to
join in on the audio discussion for our first episode of 2015 for Chat With
The Designers on Tuesday evening at 8pm Eastern Time (0000z).

73, George N2APB and Joe N2CX

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