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10774 2015-02-09 12:52:27 ve3jc FS: Die-cast Enclosures & Connector Kit (for Spectrum Analyzer proje
After 2 years off the air and a downsizing move, I'm finally getting around to unpacking boxes of neglected projects.  One that I just uncovered is a collection of enclosures and connectors I had  assembled for a second Spectrum Analyzer build.  My first SA, built from the Kanga US kit, used home-brew enclosures, and I always intended to build a more professional-looking one! 

I now realize I won't get around to it any time soon, so I'm hoping this will spur someone to undertake an SA build.

For Sale is a set of :
    - 10 unused Die Cast Enclosures (~ 4.5 X 3.5 X 1.5" each, external)
    - 3 Bourne 10K 10 turn Pots
    - an assortment of connectors and cables (with bulkhead connections etc) exactly as shown in photo     
at: SA Enclosure & Connector Kit FS


Asking $US 100 for all, shipping included in Canada/ continental US.

Hoping to be back on the air and home-brewing again soon.
73, John VE3JC

10776 2015-02-16 14:21:02 David J Nushardt Re: FS: Die-cast Enclosures & Connector Kit (for Spectrum Analyzer p

Hi I may be interested , do you have any boards from Kanga?