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10759 2015-01-27 19:16:49 Dana Myers Generic RF-oriented Si5351A3 library posted to GitHub
I've started work on my notion of an Si5351A3 (the 3-output, 10-pin Si5351)
library. I intend it to be just a C source-file and associated header, and
incorporate support for the RF things we want from the part.

My current testing environment is a $4 PSoC 4 dev board (I encourage
y'all to order a few of them before they increase the price), but the
Si5351-specific code attempt to abstract out the platform. The same code
can (and, in an earlier revision, has) worked on avr-gcc. It should even
work for those that still insist on punishing themselves with the Arduino
IDE, but I can't fathom why anyone that can write "i++" is still doing
that when the Atmel Studio is free LOL. [If you want an Arduino version of it,
feel free to fork it and make your own, but don't wait for me to do it.]

Here's an early glimpse of the library. It leverages the excellent work
of Jason NT7S, and I've tried to simplify it from a code-perspective and
add in the flexibility to explore the Si5351 performance. It's not specific
to any CPU architecture, other than requiring support for "long long", though
my testing code in main.c is for a PSOC 4 as mentioned above.

In particular, I've added support for three modes of frequency generation,
have a look at the SI5351_MS_MODE defines. I tend to think that MS_MODE_EVEN_INT
will give best phase noise but that needs some science to prove it.

GitHub URL:


Have a look if interested and see what you think. I welcome feedback.

73 de Dana K6JQ