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10483 2014-11-23 04:07:08 n1vwd RG174 coax stripper
I am looking for a coax stripper to use with RG174 coax.Can anyone recommend one that really works well?
Thank you in advance for your reply's
Brad    N1VWD.

10487 2014-11-23 07:56:56 Jim Strohm Re: RG174 coax stripper

I am still in the stone age on this one.  I use an Xacto #1 handle with a fresh #11 blade, and work on a hard, smooth, and clean surface like a piece of plate glass.  Good lighting and a magnifier help.


10488 2014-11-23 08:02:47 kb1gmx Re: RG174 coax stripper
I have to admit I rarely use RG174 and when I do I use crimped connectors.  For 
board to board work I use RG316 same thing in Teflon and far less pain to solder 

Its not as cheap but more reusable even as scraps.   Ham FLEAS are the best bet
for short lengths and bits cheap.