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10186 2014-08-01 21:16:14 lawrence_joy Morse Code Keyer

After spending four years in Singapore I am back in my home state of Michigan and slooowly putting a HAM shack together. I am in need of a keyer to go along with the new magnetic iambic key I acquired. It looks like Idiom Press is defunct but I only found this out after I had ordered the partial kit equivalent of the CMOS-5 Keyer. My question of all of you home brewers is: Do you know of any equivalent Morse Code keyers, either commercial, or preferably, of a home made type? Any preferred circuits?

73 de 9V1MI/WN8P, Larry

10187 2014-08-01 21:30:28 Neil Martinsen-Bu... Re: Morse Code Keyer
My favorite homebrew keyer these days is one based on the Arduino Nano and software written by K3NG: http://blog.radioartisan.com/arduino-cw-keyer/.  It is a very simple circuit to build and offers a great introduction to Arduino development.  If you want something even more like a kit, there is one called the Nanokeyer based on the same software: http://nanokeyer.wordpress.com/ that comes with components and a PCB (you provide the Arduino).

-Neil KD0UKC

10188 2014-08-02 03:00:33 Mike Re: Morse Code Keyer
Two options come to mind in response to your question:

1. Kanga US (www.kangaus.com) offers the TICK1 keyer, based on a pre-programmed microprocessor.

2. If you wish to "roll your own", there's always the original circuit from Solid State Design For the Radio Amateur (Hayward/Demaw), using three 555 timer IC's.  Do a google search on "555 w7zoi keyer" and the schematic will pop up at several different web sites.

Mike N4MWP

10189 2014-08-02 03:22:21 Roelof Bakker Re: Morse Code Keyer

Take a look at the site of K1EL:


You sure will find what you need at reasonable cost!

Roelof Bakker, PAoRDT
10207 2014-08-05 10:50:11 lawrence_joy Re: Morse Code Keyer
My thanks to all who responded on this reflector and off the reflector. Now I have to wade through the information and pick something I like.

73 de 9V1MI/WN8P, Larry