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10178 2014-07-26 04:49:53 Alan Melia re Yahoo Groups
Hi Michael as far as I am aware migration is occuring in blocks already. I
have no idea when it will happen for you (or me) ....I know all the staff
were moved first.

I advise not taking notice of any email unless addressed to you personally.
The safest way is to set up (resister) with bt.com and only access that from
your bookmarks. Never used a clickable link on any email, and learn to look
behind the "button" to see where the real destination is. (right click
generally, but depends on your system.)

If you start finding email doesnt work you should be able to go there via
bt.com and anyway you ID and password will not change (Ibelieve)

Not really an insider these days been retired too long........but I have
contacts :-))

Be cynical .......not replying will not cause you problems. If you use a
client like LiveMail or Thunderbird I believe it will just keep working.
NEVER clich a button, even on a genuine BT email, and you wont get grief!

Sorry for non-BT users but members not getting hacked does help us all :-))