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10080 2014-05-30 11:37:43 Chris Trask Re: requesting for support in constructing a 20 m/14mhz band 10 to 2
>Hi everyone, I am working on constructing a HF linear amplifier which works
>on CLASS-E design, I want to use this linear with my homebrew qrp
>transceiver, the reason I am trying to construct a class E design is because
>it is very efficient >70%,I would like to use my qrp transceiver with
>portable car battery so an efficient linear is very crucial in design.

Class-E amplifiers are NOT linear. They amplify constant-amplitude signals such as CW and the various forms of digital communication.

If you want to utilise Class-E amplifiers for linear operation, then you should look at EER (Envelope Elimination and Restoration), which is a real nightmare that is almost as bad as feedforward amplifiers.

Chris Trask
Senior Member IEEE