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10030 2014-05-17 16:15:55 Jerry Haigwood Cutting PCB
Hi all,
A few weeks ago we had a discussion about cutting PC board. Several
people suggested I try scoring the boards with a carbide tipped tool and
then "snap" them off by working the board back and forth at the scored line.
Well, I tried that method but found it was not for me. I decided I needed
some sort of shear. Shears are very expensive. While looking for a shear I
could afford, I stumbled upon a shear available from several different
places that is available in three sizes 5 inch, 8 inch, and 12 inch. The
best price I could find was from Northern Tools. Here is a link to their
web site describing the shear.
This shear is a lot larger than it shows in the pictures. Weight is
approximately 40 lbs. I had it shipped to a local Northern Tools store to
save on shipping. That is when I noticed the weight! ;-) Once I attached
the handle and checked for loose bolts (there were a few), I tried cutting a
piece of 20 lb paper. I think that is a good test for a shear. This thing
cuts paper just fine. Next, I tried cutting some PC board (.062 inch
thick). The shear goes through PC board like a hot knife through butter.
The only problem I see is that the shear does not have a "feed" table. I
will have to make one out of some plywood I have on hand and add a fence.
That should give me nice square cuts.

Jerry W5JH
"building something without experimenting is just solder practice"
10031 2014-05-17 23:02:20 Ed Manuel Re: Cutting PCB
Jerry,  check out Chuck Adams Lab Notebook on his website www.k4qo.net.  Exactly what you need.  That's what I built. Photos and all on a 12" shear.

Ed, n5em

10032 2014-05-18 06:26:40 Jim Strohm Re: Cutting PCB
10033 2014-05-18 09:44:50 bob_ledoux Re: Cutting PCB
I use a carpenter's table saw with carbide blade to make big cuts in PCB.

Most of the time I just use a compound aviation snip.  This is a device used to cut sheet aluminum in aircraft repair shops.  My pair of "Prosnips" will handle .062 double sided board with no difficulty.  I can make short cuts in board up to .090.

Look at the Bostitch 14-251 offset snips for about $15.  The offset places your hands above the cut.

10034 2014-05-18 11:25:44 Guy Mengel Re: Cutting PCB
Hi Ed, I think you meant k7qo here: http://www.k7qo.net

de AI1G (Guy)

On 18 May 2014, at 2:02, Ed Manuel n5emqrp@gmail.com [emrfd] wrote:

> Jerry, check out Chuck Adams Lab Notebook on his website
> www.k4qo.net. Exactly what you need. That's what I built. Photos and
> all on a 12" shear.
> Ed, n5em