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1 2006-07-03 14:21:12 Steven S. Coles Great Book!

Thank you for starting this group.

Your father's Experimental Methods in RF Design is the best
contemporary amateur radio homebrewers' guide I've seen.

A couple years ago I built the SSD (Solid-State Design for the Radio
Amateur) versions of the of the crystal oscillator in EMRFD figure
1.15 (SSD chap 2, fig 6A), the push-push frequency doubler in EMRFD
figure 5.41 (SSD chap 3, fig 21A), and who knows what else.

Since receiving EMRFD I've built the first direct-conversion
receiver in the book (except using a CA3054 & transistor oscillator
in place of the SA602) and the nth copy of the crystal oscillator
(using the values from figure 6.158 this time). All have worked
very well.

I'm looking forward to getting into the SSB building.

Best regards,